australian flowers (dedicated to women), ascot vale, melbourne australia, 2017

junior high mural, 5656 east hollywood blvd, los angeles california, 2016

victoria whole foods mural, 1450 gerrard st. east toronto, 2016 (collaboration with caitlin taguibao, hannah simpkin, janessa brunet, cooper scott and melissa luk)

cancer sun aquarius moon gemini rising, the hills rooftop, 1 flanigan lane, melbourne australia, 2017

rainbow, bell box mural, armour blvd and ridley dr north york, 2016

wild edibles, outside the box mural, annette st and evelyn ave toronto, 2016

swans, 49 murray street hamilton, 2016 

pulse orlando commemorative mural, bloor and lansdowne toronto, june 2016

moss park market mural, to be located in moss park toronto, may 2016

sky birds, alpine ave toronto, may 2016

good for her mural, croft street toronto, october 2014 (in collaboration with melissa luk and nicole d'amario)

lioness mural, david french lane toronto, april 2016

parkdale fence, milky way, may 2015

dom wall, 58 berkeley street, may 2015 (in collaboration with melissa luk and nicole d'amario)

vase and garden, croft street, june 2015

vegetable garden, 49 murray st. west, hamilton, may 2015

the palimpsest project at proyecto ace in buenos aires argentina, february 2015 (in collaboration with melissa luk)

deer door/ leaf door, croft street, october 2014

electrical box, august 2013 (in collaboration with melissa luk)

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