mural at cambridge sculpture garden,  2022

'neighbourhood,' mural at the box spot, for mount pleasant village BIA and the city of toronto, 2023

'modele florale' hoarding installation with patch, for plaza corp, toronto, 2020 (photo by Sharon Mendonca)

mural for wallace espresso hounslow heath, toronto, spring 2021

trail cycle for the kentville mural festival, nova scotia,

lansdowne underpass mural, toronto, summer 2021

outdoor patio mural for homeowner, fall 2021

'meeting place' for the kentville mural festival, nova scotia,

two of four murals for bluewater health hospital, sarnia, 2022

'flora' for the kentville mural festival, nova scotia,

rail path mural, wallace avenue toronto, in collaboration with caitlin taguibao nicole d'amario and melissa luk, 2018

'compassion' outside the box, scarborough 2018

four barriers for the scarlett road cycle track, fall 2020

'rebirth and resilience' YES shelter peterborough, in collaboration with caitlin taguibao, 2018

'dogs,' coronation park, toronto 2021

'daisies' concrete pillar at vector institute, mars building toronto, 2018

'music and dancing' bell box mural, toronto, 2020

mec flagship store mural, queen street toronto, in collaboration with nicole d'amario, caitlin taguibao and melissa luk, 2019

'flower shop' bell box mural, toronto, 2020

'portuguese tiles' bell box mural, burdock toronto, 2018

pulse orlando commemorative mural, bloor and lansdowne toronto, june 2016

'kraton tigers', jalan mayor jenderal di panjaitan, yogyakarta, 2017

dom wall, parliament and king toronto, in collaboration with nicole d'amario and melissa luk 2015

'running girls,' tokyo japan, 2018

'bits of home,' hoarding mural for daniels cm corporation, markham & sheppard scaroborough, , in collaboration with caitlin taguibao, november 2017

'day/night plants,' outside the box mural, victoria park ave and surrey rd, scarborough, 2017

collective arts hamilton beer garden, september 2019

womxn paint mural, dundas and mccaul, toronto, in collaboration with caitlin taguibao, 2018

'explore NB' mural for new brunswick tourism, quen street east toronto, 2018

'wild edibles', outside the box mural, annette st and evelyn ave toronto, 2016

junior high mural, 5656 east hollywood blvd, los angeles california, 2016

victoria whole foods mural, 1450 gerrard st. east toronto, 2016 (collaboration with caitlin taguibao, hannah simpkin, janessa brunet, cooper scott and melissa luk)

'swans', 49 murray street hamilton, 2016 

'cancer sun aquarius moon gemini rising', the hills rooftop, 1 flanigan lane, melbourne australia, 2017

'australian flowers' (dedicated to women), ascot vale, melbourne australia, 2017

four barriers for the richmond street cycle track, summer 2021

'cookies,' robert street toronto, june 2017

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